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Calgary Pixels is a real estate media & measurements company operating in Calgary, AB and surrounding areas. We offer HDR photography, as well as RMS measurements, video tours, and a variety of other services. Our clients recommend Calgary Pixels for providing highly competitive pricing, without sacrificing quality. We utilize top of the line equipment and software to ensure that we exceed our customers expectations.
  Our passion lies in providing value to our community. Which is why we genuinely want to help you succeed at selling your property. Every sale we assist you in is another notch on our belt and therefore, verification that we are making a difference.
Our Vision
In an ever changing environment, it is crucial to stay focused on adapting and improving every step of the way. Our goal is to grow Calgary Pixels into a diverse, national brand, by doing exactly that. We view every day as an opportunity to learn and are constantly working to expand our services. We believe that providing value and assurance to our community will be the fuel that turns our family-run business into what we know it can be.
Apple, Google, Walmart, and many other global giants were all start up companies once upon a time. They all started with what they had, what they knew, and where they knew they could be. When they ran into obstacles, they overcame them. When the people around them told them they couldn't do it, they worked twice as hard to make it happen.
The moral? Sometimes it's better to have David on your side then Goliath.
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